Thursday, April 27, 2017

Radio Taiwan International

Radio Taiwan International, transmitting from Paochung (Taiwan), was logged on 11 April 2017. Taiwanese pop music, "Jake's Photography Corner","Taiwan's Top Ten" and "One More Thing" was monitored from 03.40 till 04.00 UTC (broadcast time 03.00 till 04.00 UTC). Reception on 15.320 kHz rated a solid SINPO of 55555.

Reception report was emailed and submitted online on the following day. QSL arrived in the mail on 27 April 2017.

NHK World - Radio Japan (via Nauen)

NHK World - Radio Japan, broadcasting from Nauen (Germany), was logged on 5 April 2017. Profile of the Doobie Brothers and their music was heard in this Japanese broadcast from 17.05 till 17.50 UTC. Reception on 15.445 kHz at 17.05 UTC rated a SINPO of 35433. By 17.40 UTC, reception had deteriorated to 25321.

Reception report was emailed on the following day. QSL card arrived ion the mail on 27 April 2017. 

Vatican Radio (via Santa Maria di Galeria)

Vatican Radio, transmitting from Santa Maria di Galeria, was logged on 2 April 2017. Belarusian programming with discussion and a capella performance of Johanne Sebastian Bach's music was observed from 17.05 till 17.18 UTC. Reception on 11.715 kHz rated a SINPO of 54444 -- strong transmission, clear audio despite atmospheric noise.

Recption report was emailed on the following day. QSL card arrived ion the mail on 27 April 2017.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Logbook 25 & 26 April 2017

Degen DE-1102

All India Radio (National Channel) via  Aligarh was monitored from 17.50 till 18.30 UTC with programming in English and Western pop songs. Reception on 9.380 kHz rated a SINPO of 45433 -- fair to good signal, clear audio with occasionally long fades.

NHK World - Radio Japan with programming in Japanese from 2.30 UTC onward.  SINPO on 15.195 rated 45444, whereas their transmission on the 16 meter band (17.810 kHz) is much stronger.

Radio Liberty via Sulaibiyah with Pashto programming at 02.00 UTC onward was logged on 15.090 kHz. SINPO rated 45444.

KNLS - New Life Station
with frequent station IDs, Western pop music and Christian programming was observed on the short-wave frequency of 15.515 kHz. Reception  rated a SINPO of 55545 -- near perfect reception with slight fading. HERE's an audio excerpt from this broadcast.

Unknown FM station, presumably in Kuala Lumpur, in a test transmission was heard on 88.9 mHz with classic rock looped round-the-clock.

Myanmar Radio was logged on 9.730 kHz with very noisy SINPO of 25222, with a station ID at 02:30 UTC.

Voice of Mongolia
in an English broadcast from 15.30 till 16.00 UTC featured news and financial market reports, followed by Mongolian pop tunes and feature on a museum dedicated to traditional Mongolian games. Reception on 12.015 kHz rated a SINPO initially of 55555 with slight over modulation. By 12.50 UTC, QRM from Voice of Korea in Pyongyang degraded reception to 53543. HERE's an audio excerpt from this broadcast

Radio Free Asia
via Tinian was observed from 17.00 UTC onward with news reports in Korean on the short-wave frequency of 9.990 kHz which rated a SINPO of 55555.

DZRP - Radyo Pilipinas (The Overseas Broadcast of the Philippine Broadcasting Service)
with news and cultural programming in English from 02.45 UTC till 03.30 UTC on the short-wave frequency of 15.460 kHz and 17.820 kHz; reception was best on the 19 meter band with a SINPO of 55545.

FEBC via Bocaue was observed at sign-off, around 01.28 UTC with station ID and address in Javanese. SINPO on 15.560 was a solid 55555.

Radio Taiwan International
via Paochung with news, Taiwanese pop music and cultural programmes in English was observed from 03.00 till 04.00 UTC, Reception on the short-wave frequency of 15.320 kHz rated a SINPO of 55555

Radio Thailand World Service
with Thai and English broadcast from 01.30 till 02.35 UTC, on 15.590 kHz rated a SINPO of 55545 -- good signal strength, clear audio, slight fading. English programming commenced from 2.00 till 02.30 UTC for the US West Coast; before and after these times transmission was in Thai with Thai music.

Voice of Turkey
was heard on the short-wave frequency of 15.520 kHz, from 16.30 till 17.25 UTC, under poor reception conditions.  SINPO rated 25322 - poor reception, fading under atmospheric noise, audible with occasionally clear content. Reception worsened after 17.00 UTC; signal was still audible but weak and audio at times was barely audible.

Receivers used: Tecsun S-2000 and Degen DE-1102. External antenna: 1/4 wave and 10-metre long wire, respectively. RX location: central West Malaysia.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Reach Beyond (via Kununurra)

Reach Beyond, transmitting from Kununurra (Australia), was logged on 13 March 2017, from 13.00 till 14.00 UTC with Evangelical programming in English. SINPO on 9.645 kHz rated a solid 55555.

Reception report was emailed on the same day. An eQSL from veri-signer Shelly Martin, along with A17 schedule of Reach Beyond, was received on 18 April 2017.



Monday, April 17, 2017

Swedish DX Federation* (via Germany)

Swedish DX Federation (SDXF)*, in a special Easter broadcast from Channel 292 in Rohrbach (Germany, was logged on 14 April 2017. A DX programme and closing tune "In the Mood" was observed from 16.50 till 17.00 UTC. Reception on 6.070 kHz rated an excellent SINPO of 55555.

Reception report was emailed the following day. This eQSL arrived on 16 April 2017.

*Received using remote SDR receiver at the  University of Twente (The Netherlands).

Radio Europe*

Radio Europe*, a free radio station based in Italy, was logged just before sign-off on 1 April 2017. A jingle mentioning "Japan", and the songs  "Call of the West" performed by Frankie Lane and an instrumental cover of "Strange Encounters of a Third Kind" were observed from from 16.30  till 16.38 UTC. Reception  on 6.875 kHz rated a SINPO of 34433 -- fair signal, audible content with occasional utility interference and fading.

Reception report was emailed on the same day. This eQSL and additional visuals were received on 16 April 2017. Thank you, Alex!

*Received using remote SDR receiver at the  University of Twente (The Netherlands).